At Originals, we have our collective finger on the pulse of every new style, colour and texture trend, so we can tell you what is going to be current in interior design this spring time.

Sustainability & Nature

It will come as no surprise that sustainability is still one of the main headlines, organic wood and building materials are easily accessible. The pandemic has made people rethink interior design, moving away from fast furniture. The focus is increasingly repurposing furniture and accessories and investment in longer-lasting items. A yearning for more simple and natural surroundings has manifested itself as an appetite for more plants to be incorporated into interior design schemes.

Natural Earthy Tones & Pops of Colour

Pantone, the go-to global authority on paint colours, has chosen Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow as the must have palette for 2021. Other big name paint companies have followed suit, introducing calm and soothing shades, such as Dulex’s Brave Ground and Little Greene’s natural earth tones and bronze. Add to this a pop of teal, aqua, vintage blue or Passionate pink, and you have this most on-trend colour combination of this season.

Natural Earthy Tones & Pops of Colour

As always, interior design is about delighting all of the senses, so in addition to the earthy tones, tactile textures will also be a big story. Natural sustainable fabric and materials combine to create an elegant muted palette with extra interest provided by the subtle yet different textures.