How can you transform your home with custom-made furniture

There is a universal truth which applies to all home owners…no matter how large or small your property, you can never have too much storage.  Often it is difficult to incorporate into your scheme without losing too much space.

The answer often lies in going down the bespoke route. Most people are familiar with the concept of fitted wardrobes and converting the cubby under the stairs, but why stop there? Custom-made furniture can enhance the look of any space, whilst increasing much needed storage capacity.

Stand the test of time

It is worth spending a little extra to create a truly original piece that fully achieves all requirements. The unique nature of custom-made furniture can convey your personality, improve flow, reduce clutter and also add value you to your home.

Bespoke shelving solution

We created this beautiful bespoke shelving as a solution to maximise space, housing the TV, integrating low level mood lighting, and providing shelves for books and lots of hidden storage for toys. See more on bespoke joinery here.

Originals’ craftspeople

We work with a team of highly skilled joiners with many years’ experience creating bespoke furniture to our exact specifications. All details are customisable, from the size to the materials, finishes and functionality. This means that every bespoke item will reflect our passion for perfection.

Custom-made furniture living room from Originals Interiors

Here are just a few benefits of choosing custom-made furniture:

  • Original design and quality
    Rather than settle for furniture that doesn’t deliver 100%, bespoke commissions are designed to tick all the boxes. All pieces are guaranteed with high-quality finishes, creating a piece that will work with your scheme and reflect your personality.
  • Direct the flow
    Influence how your space is used by considering the purpose of each area and create custom pieces to facilitate your vision. Creating zones in an open plan space can be effective way of managing the flow.
  • Flexibility
    Custom made furniture is built to last. In the initial design stage Originals will work with you to build in any necessary flexibility, so that it can fulfil multiple functions throughout its lifetime.
  • Maximise space and declutter
    Bespoke built-in furniture can be the perfect solution for decluttering and maximising your space. Clever use of shelving and cupboards can hide a multitude of sins. There’s also the added benefit of protecting your treasured possessions (or much loved toys), by storing them out of harm’s way.
    We find that clients appreciate just how special a piece of bespoke furniture can be. Truly original and personal, they often provide the missing piece of the puzzle to an interior design scheme.

If you have an interior design project do not hesitate to contact us for more information!