Maximalism in interior design

As we start 2022, let’s wish for health, happiness and beautifully designed interiors…and on that note, Originals Interiors explains how you can recognise and use the Maximalist interior design trend in your own home.

There is no place that shows your personality more than your home, and after many years of minimalism dominating interior design, maximalism offers you the opportunity to be bold, brave and very busy, with your interior design choices. With maximalism, more is definitely more!

Modern minimal buildings with white walls and Scandinavian colour palettes are beautifully understated but there is currently a move towards creating more liveable, colourful spaces where your prized possessions don’t need to be hidden away.

What does maximalism look like?

Maximalism embraces excess but not excessive consumption, it’s about presenting your treasured possessions, not buying more. Its core elements include big, bold, busy patterns and eclectic furnishings. In fact, there are no rules, other than it should be a treat for the eyes, with interesting elements revealed as your eyes scan the room.

Key characteristics of maximalism

  • Animal, florals and abstract patterns
  • Bright
  • Layering of textures, colours and patterns
  • Display your favourite possessions: books, statues, artworks
  • Mix of periods and styles
  • Personalisation… make the space yours.

Where does maximalism come from?

The ornate nature of maximalist interior design can be traced back to the Victorian aesthetic of eclectic, busy interiors with rich fabrics, a style which is still evident in British stately homes. Today’s version of maximalism has been updated with the addition of bright colours, modern accessories and bold layering. The trend can be adapted for any space, including beautiful Spanish country houses or smaller modern apartments.

How to add maximalism to your home

If you are new to maximalism, you can start slowly by adding a pop of colour on the walls or layering patterns and textures. Introducing a bookcase or display case is the perfect way to curate your prized possessions without the space feeling too disorganised. And by mixing styles and periods, you can create a unique space that reflects your personality.

Here are 5 top tips to get you started:

  1. Colour: Consider dark and bold wall colours like navy, and add bright accents.
  2. Art: Forget about conventional taste, if you have mismatched sized artworks, go ahead and display them together but make sure the spaces is exact to prevent them looking haphazard.
  3. Books: Forget about clean lines with no books in sight. Introduce shelves, book cases, cabinets or even place them on a table.
  4. Comfort: Forget the rigid mid-century furniture, go for overstuffed comfortable, bright and cosy.
  5. Periods: Combine modern with antique and vintage to convey your eclectic style.

There is no right or wrong way to decorate your home.  It doesn’t have to be perfect. There is no need to match colours, fabrics, accessories or art, all you need is personality and passion, this is the secret of modern maximalism.

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