It is no exaggeration to say that lighting can make or break a room. Ask any designer or architect and they will tell you that lighting is a major aspect of any interior design scheme, every corner needs to be carefully considered to ensure the right mix of style, functionality and comfort.

To the uninitiated choosing the right lighting may seem as simple as selecting the right wattage, if this is the case prepare for your light-bulb moment…

Lighting for every occasion

There are many different types of lighting and light fixtures that can be used to create the perfect ambiance, providing accents, colour and overall light. In the right hands, lighting can help to define the purpose of a space and create the mood (both inside and outdoors), by using soft boxes, spotlights, dimmers, downlight leds and even twinkly flashing lights, according to taste.

Creative use of lighting

A well-lit room generates an almost tangible feeling of warmth and cosiness, drawing us in. This is achieved by the creative use of lighting which should be considered at the very start of any design project. Lighting should enhance the ceilings, walls, fittings and fabrics, and when done correctly it can raise the room to a new level, complementing the palette, defining the space and adding interest.

Day and night

We’ve mentioned the transformative effect of the right lighting and how it can dictate the ambiance of a room.  It’s also important to consider the aesthetics, as each fitting, fixture and lamp shade must deliver the right impact during the daytime and at night.

For example, these beautiful pendant ceiling lamps create a contemporary laid-back feel during the day and in the evening the terrace is bathed in an inviting rich golden glow.

Elegant pendant lights.

Elegant pendant lights.

Why lighting is so important in interior design

Intimate evening seating area.

Outdoor lights

To create a successful outdoor landscape the lighting is just as important as the architecture, furnishings and plants. At night, a well-lit outdoor space is essential for creating a modern, safe and practical attractive space, especially where there is a swimming pool or deck and steps.

It is not necessary to go for the full grotto effect of fairy lights, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Lighting can be used to define different spaces, such creating cosy corners, dining spaces or chill-out zones. It could also be used for highlighting beautiful architectural features, the scope is virtually endless, from solar lights, lanterns, to wall sconces, spotlights, ceiling pendants, floor lamps, globes, downlights…

Whether you want a dramatic floodlit swimming pool, spotlights, downlights or incandescent light, clever lighting solutions can be inobtrusive during the daytime but then when the sun goes down, all of the careful planning literally comes to light!

Why lighting is so important in interior design

Lighting fixtures are invisible during the day.

Floor lights create drama and define the space.

Floor lights create drama and define the space.

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