Outside Kitchens: The must-have outdoor entertaining space in 2022

Our gardens, patios and terraces are a haven, a personal place to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air with family and friends. Relaxing around the pool, lounging on perfectly plumped sofas or enjoying a long lazy lunch under a picturesque pergola, there are so many options.  As interior design masters in Marbella, we have created many stylish outdoor spaces, bringing living room interior design outside. One trend that we have noticed is gaining traction is the desire for an outdoor kitchen.


What does an outdoor kitchen bring to the table?

Traditionally the kitchen was the heart of the home… now it is the outdoor kitchen! Quite simply, it’s convenient, sociable and healthier to cook and dine outside in temperate weather. Health and wellbeing were particularly important during the Covid-19 pandemic, when more people where at home and the garden provided a vital ‘socially-distanced’ meeting point.


Pandemic aside, one of the main benefits of an outdoor kitchen is that it provides an additional entertaining space. We all love a BBQ, but an outdoor kitchen goes way beyond, throwing some charcoal on the fire. Imagine rustling up mouth-watering meals, parties and low-key lunches. There is nothing quite like al-fresco cooking, for the atmosphere and the fact that you don’t need to be running in and out of the house. It is a much more social event.


Fire pits

As we are talking of atmosphere… there’s nothing quite like the open flame of a fire pit to create a cosy ambiance. Whether you prefer an outdoor fireplace, fire table or fire pit, it could be a great additional to an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. We can advise the best shape and style to complement your exterior design scheme.


Maximise space and add value

As a must-have interior design feature, an outdoor kitchen is a good investment. Any architect or interior designer will tell you that the addition of another room can maximise open outdoor space, whether semi-covered, separate or seamlessly flow to connect the inside and outdoors. It is possible to adhere to a pre-existing layout or design a unique outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Adding a new functional outdoor space to your home interior design can increase the value of your property.


Bespoke design and budget

The infrastructure will be similar to the indoor kitchen but it can be configured in any styles and structures, from bioclimatic slatted roof pergolas to reed roofs, traditional Spanish or cool contemporary. There are so many different price points, finishes and styles. Whether you decide to have an Island or no island, bar stools, an open or covered dining area, and the types of appliances, the choice is yours. This is your opportunity to include all of those quirky appliances, such as a pizza oven, smokers, BBQ and grills, that you may not want to have indoors.


In order to make the right decision there are some important points to consider:



Interior design in Marbella, architecture and garden design is very distinctive. If you have a million Euro mansion, then you will most likely want to achieve flow, a seamless connection to the interior design of the home.



You’ll need to consider the size of your garden and how far you want the kitchen to be positioned from the home. Consider which direction any cooking aromas and smoke will travel to avoid it entering the home or engulfing the seating area. Another consideration, is the practicalities of connecting gas or electricity to your appliances.


Materials / style:

In addition to personal preference, it is advisable to take into account the location and style of your home. For example, a sleek minimalist kitchen or mid-century style could complement the architecture and interior design of a contemporary villa, whereas rustic would look out of place.



Establish how frequently you would like to use the space and the purpose. Do you intend to dine outside every night or are you more likely to host occasional parties and BBQs? If you are more of a party person, you may need a bar area and sofas, with the right mood lighting, rather than a fully-fledged outdoor kitchen and dining room. See our portfolio for idea of how to create the perfect indoor /outdoor space.



This brings us nicely on to outdoor lights. The right lighting fixtures, for example solar lights, floor lamps, ceiling lights or even twinkly lights, can change the look and feel of a space, creating intimate areas, party and relaxation zones. You will also need to see what you are cooking!


Outdoor kitchens, dining rooms and entertainment areas is a great way to improve the way you use your outside space and to add value.  If you would like advice on how to achieve the perfect entertainment space, contact Originals Interiors for a no-obligation consultation. Get in touch at


Outside Kitchens: The must-have outdoor entertaining space in 2022

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