There is much more to interior design than producing a pretty space. In addition to client’ requirements, preferences and budget constraints, there is an entire industry dedicated to predicting the next  ‘big thing’ in interior design.

Consumer trends and design forecasts for the following year are published annually by companies such as WGSN and Trend Book. These pronouncements are extremely important across wide spectrum of industries, as they influence everything related to creative services including furniture manufacture, accessories, upholstery and of course paint providers.


Trend Forecaster’s colour prediction for 2023

As touched upon above, one of the most important elements for any interior designer is the colour palette, as this is what pulls an interior design scheme together. Every year consumer trend forecasters, such as WGSN predict the big colour trends for the following year.

In 2022, pale blues, greens, earth tones and neutrals took centre stage, whereas in 2023 it will be all about calming lavender. This means that lavender in its various hues and shades is set to be big business for the paint companies and will feature heavily as a trend in 2023.


Colour in interior design

Of course, interior designers make colour decisions based on a many different factors, starting with the purposes of the room, through to personal preference, maybe it is necessary to  accommodate specific pieces of art. There is also the lighting, for example interior design in Marbella will take into account the bright natural Mediterranean light.  Similarly, there is the issue of the property’s location, as this should be referenced in the choice of colour palette so that the space doesn’t feel out of context with the surroundings.


Trend Book

As lavender will be the big story in 2023, it is no surprise to see it also featured in the Trend Book’s recent predictions for 2023. Trend Book is a design bible that provides in depth predictions covering fabrics, colours, trends, styles and lifestyles for the creative industries. One of the mood boards featured on presents a range of items in frothy ‘lavender cream’.

In addition to hailing lavender as the trendiest colour, here are the highlights of the interior design predictions for 2023:


Calmness and wellness

In the aftermath of the recent pandemic, the emphasis is set to remain on calming, therapeutic interiors that will inspire a sense of wellbeing.  The feel will be cosy, natural and will heavily feature organic materials, such as cotton, wood, ceramics and velvet will add flash of opulence.


Instagramable interiors

Another decorating trend from the pandemic is a dramatic statement wall. Whether this is the ubiquitous window / wall of flowers or a dramatic fresco, the main requirement is that it provides a backdrop for video calls and content. Of course, if you have an instagramable wall, the next step is to create a lounge room that will provide an impressive space for entertaining and also for sharing on social media.


Renaissance curves

Think of Venetian arched windows, the Colosseum and Gaudi’s Catenary Arches, the elegant archway is returning to interior design. It will be prevalent not only in architecture, we’ll see it in furniture and decorative elements, such as mirrors.


Digital realism

The digital world meets interior design and the result is bright neon colours that will be applied to specific decorative items such as artworks and lighting.



The 2021 trend for mushrooms and the corresponding ‘70s vibe will still be with us in 2023. This retro motif will continue to be seen in prints and shapes.


Golden monochrome

Minimalist monochrome design schemes will continue to gain traction, particularly for bathrooms and kitchens. In 2023, we will see subtle hints of luxury in the gold accents, think stylish door handles, fixtures and fittings.


Debbie, Owner and CEO of Originals Interiors explains, “It is important for interior designers in Marbella and further afield to be aware of the latest trends in colour, fabric, style and also technological innovations. However, Originals’ designers are informed by, rather than following trends, as we prefer to create rooms that have not been done before. For example, the colour palette may be neutral with pops of a trending colour to provide personality. This is an effective and inexpensive method of introducing zeitgeist elements into a scheme”.

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