Commercial interior design can make or break your business. Fact. It may sound harsh but if your business relies on tempting clients in, making them feel comfortable and enticing them to return, you need to create a meaningful customer experience. In other words, to get bums on seats, your business needs to look good, feel welcoming and have a great vibe.

Create a positive first impression

The look and feel of any business space is important, as first impressions count. Although we are not supposed to, everyone judges a book by its cover. The same goes for businesses, if an office has a disorganised unappealing reception, this will inform your opinion of the company. However, it is imperative in the hospitality industry, where customers need to feel that they can relax, unwind and feel cossetted.

Interior design in hospitality

Success in the hospitality industry requires the right location, space, staff and in the case of a restaurant…a great menu. However, the ambiance, furnishings and decorative items are also key to its success.

It’s all about enhancing the customer experience. If a hotel foyer, lounge or bar is inviting, comfortable and relaxing like the stylishly relaxed Hotel Courcheneige in France,  then people will want to visit, spend time relaxing with friends and return again and again. Conversely, if the decoration and furnishings seem like an afterthought, guests will vote with their wallet and feet.

The devil is in the detail

A carefully considered interior designed space can make your company stand out from competitors, create a buzz and bring in customers. It is a no brainer; guests would choose to book a hotel room that looks well-designed and comfortable over an identikit basic room.


There are lots of factors to be taken into account when planning a commercial interior design, from creating clutter-free hotel rooms that will be quick and easy for housekeeping to clean to choosing the right décor and colour palette to suit the target market. For example, a fine dining restaurant such as the Serafina restaurant at the Puente Romano Hotel in Marbella, requires subdued, elegant and refined mood lighting, as opposed to a casual brunch venue which would require a light bright daytime vibe.  There is also the aspect of acoustics, this includes the type of flooring you choose, which should be non-slip but you may also require some degree of sound absorption.

Durability and maintenance

The very nature of the hospitality industry, and to a lesser degree other commercial premises, means that any furniture and fixtures will be subject to heavy usage, resulting in wear and tear. Therefore, any interior design schemes should be planned around or at least include elements that can withstand a certain degree of abuse without looking shabby.

Like most things in life, the cheapest options often turn out to be a false economy. A professionally commercial interior designer can recommend the most appropriate furnishings, fabrics and décor that will be more hardwearing yet achieve the desired ambiance.

Add value to your brand

Commercial interior design is also part and parcel of your marketing. It is your opportunity to translate your corporate vision into an enticing space that reflects the company’s values.  It is a clear sign to your customers that you are committed to delivering the best possible customer experience.


There are a number of studies covering the effect of investing in interior design on the bottom-line. A white paper published by the Design Council in 2007, outlined many compelling facts about the correlation between investing in commercial interior design and better business performance. One of the most pertinent points for any business owner is the possible return on investment. According to the report, for every £100 spent on commercial interior design, turnover increases by £225 and that rapidly growing businesses are six times as likely to see design as integral to their success.

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