Now that the nights are drawing in and there is a slight chill in the air, yes even in Southern Spain the evenings can be a little chilly, our thoughts turn to the festive season. There is nothing quite like the anticipation of sprucing up our interior design schemes with some beautiful Christmas décor, be it time-worn but much-loved baubles or brand new on-trend decorative items.

It is possible to capture the spirit of Christmas and yet still retain the look and feel of your interior design style. Everyone has favourite festive items that are wheeled out every year, such as an ornament that evokes fond memories or a maybe a furry throw or cushion that makes the perfect winter warmer. The skill is in marrying the old favourites with the latest Christmas décor trends to keep things fresh and exciting.

Interiors designers and forecasters can predict the latest colours, fabrics and styles that will dominate any particular year, the same is true for the Christmas season.  So, if you would like to incorporate the hot trends for Christmas 2022, here are some of the themes that you can take inspiration from this year.

Calming lavender

Let’s start with lavender. This was the colour of 2022, so it makes perfect sense that it should also carry through into your Christmas decoration this year. No one is saying that you need to go crazy with lavender, you could add a pop of pink too! Just a few elements incorporated into your décor could add a sense of calmness to the space.  This could be as simple as adding some carefully chosen glass baubles to the tree or a tastefully understated pale coloured floral wreath on the front door. In some cases, a light touch can make a big impression.

Royal blue

Contrary to popular belief, the traditional Christmas colours or red and green are not really that traditional. If you rewind to Victorian times, when the Christmas tree was first introduced to the UK, the Christmas colour palette was blue. Every type of decorative item you can think of would have been displayed in blue, from ribbons, bows and trinkets, during the festive season.

Blue and gold

Today, different blue tones are mixed together to create a sophisticate unfussy clean look. Then if you add gold, it becomes a whole different ball game. Deep blue and gold are the epitome of Christmas glamour in 2022 and this colour palette can add a richness to any room. If you are a fan of the maximalism mantra of ‘more the merrier’, then you should not shy away from laying on the glitz. Glamour is the name of the game; it is the one season of the year when you can throw out any notion of restraint and really go for gold – literally!

Black and white

Although white is synonymous with snow and the festive season, black and white is not the first colour scheme that comes to mind, yet it works. It is the perfect combination for anyone who likes simple clean minimalistic interiors. It may sound a little cold and impersonal but it can be warmed up with different layers and fabrics such as rugs, throws and cushions. Imagine a Christmas tree with romantic flocked branches and exquisite individual baubles, bringing light and texture. Then add another layer to excite the senses with heady winter scented candles. All of sudden, black and white seems cosy, comfortable and very Christmassy!

Naturally festive

In direct opposition to the all bells and whistles approach of the blue and gold fans, there is also a big appetite for all things natural and sustainable. Think natural browns, all shades of green, terracotta and beiges, highlighted with sprinkles of white.  The contrasting colours represent the difference between the ground, trees and snow, highlighted with a touch of gold or black for drama.

Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool, woods and leather lend themselves perfectly to this colour scheme. As it is a more subtle rustic style, it can be implemented throughout your entire interior design, in the cushions, curtains, table linen and crockery, through to the lights and decorations on the Christmas tree without over egging the ‘Christmas’ pudding. Originals Interiors’ in-house upholstery department creates original high-quality cushions in all types of fabrics and textures.

Go green

There is something to be said for the more natural looking palette of greens, think the heady shades and scent of real fir trees. It is traditional, completely adaptable to fit any home and can be an extremely calming influence at such a hedonistic time of the year.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or access to greenery, there is also the opportunity to incorporate green elements from your garden, such as branches, plants and your own garlands from pine cones. A pot of metallic paint or a smattering of glitter or snow and you are half way to creating your own decorations…and the added bonus of enjoying a more sustainable Christmas.

Alternative Christmas trees

If you really want to go off-piste with regards to your Christmas decorations, you could forgot a Christmas tree altogether. Instead decorate branches from the garden (or garden centre), a large cactus or any other substantial plant that you already have in your home. If you are squeezed for space, there is also the option of the wall mounted Christmas tree, which provides all of the joy but takes up none of the space.

The fact is, Christmas décor goes in and out of fashion, but like all interior design and decoration, it is only successful if you like it.

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