Imagine you have just found your dream home; you have the keys and are ready to move in. Whether it is a luxury villa or a small yet perfectly formed apartment, you will be champing at the bit to put your own stamp on the place.  This is because interior design is much more than making a room look nice, your home plays an important role in your happiness and wellbeing, so surrounding yourself with objects that you love (both sentimentally and aesthetically appealing) they lift the spirit and make us feel happy and secure.

Interior design trends

The good news is that there are no hard and fast rules when creating ‘your’ perfect interior design. You decide which elements make you feel cosy and comfortable and will deliver a big hug as soon as your step through the door. Yes of course there are trends that inform professional interior designers’ choices, for example every year Pantone has a colour of the year, in 2023 the colour will be Viva Magenta.

Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean your home has to be colour drenched in magenta and the many variants of red. Instead, you can stay up to date on what’s hot and what’s not, and cherry pick your favourite elements to be implemented as accessories, zoning of space, styling, pops of colour etc.

Choose your colours wisely

There are many ways that colour can be used to influence your life, from colour therapy designed to balance your chakras to personal colour analysis to establish the most flattering colour palette against your skin tone and hair. There is also colour psychology, an established method of studying how colours affect mood and behaviour, so it is worth taking this information into account when deciding on your main colour palette. Pantone’s Viva Magenta may be passionate and exiting, but would it be conducive to getting a good night’s sleep? Whereas blue and greens are cool and calming, which could be more appropriate for a bedroom.

If you can stick to more neutral palettes as the main colours, you can regularly update the look and feel of any space by adding pops of the latest trending colours. This is an easy and cost-effective way of keeping your décor new and interesting without breaking the bank.

Furniture that fits your personality and lifestyle

We all have an individual style when it comes to interior design. If we’re being honest, some of us have some rather grandiose ideas as to the type of furniture that you would like to own. It is fine to be bold and dramatic, but it is important to be realistic.  Think about whether your choices are going to fit your lifestyle; antique Rococo guilt wood armchairs may not be the most sensible option for everyday use in a small apartment with pets!

In which case it would be better to consider more practical furniture that would fit both your needs and taste. You could still add touches of Louis XV in your décor, mixing and matching contemporary with items such as guilt mirrors, shelves, frames or candelabras.

Bespoke artwork

If you would like to add an element that is truly personal to your interior design, bespoke artwork could be perfect for you. There is no need to go over the top commissioning artwork for every wall, instead choose just a couple of custom artworks that depict subjects which are close to your heart. Even better if you can display artworks created for you from family or friends, as they will tug at the heartstrings every time you look at them, even if they are not the most technically perfect pieces.

Remember your achievements and travels

Modern homes tend to err on the side of minimalism, with less clutter and fewer ornaments. Today the aesthetic is all about tastefully positioned objects which are useful and attractive, such as vases or scented candles, rather than fussy nick-nacks. If you prefer the maximalist aesthetic this is fine too,  a carefully curated collection of memorabilia, certificates, prizes and souvenirs from our travels can tell a story without looking cluttered or twee.

They don’t even have to take centre stage but when we catch a glance they will reminded us of our triumphs, accomplishments and adventures. This has an uplifting effect, creating a sense of pride in our home and our achievements, adding another layer of comfort, cosiness and a lovely warm glow.

There are many other ways that you can personalise your space, from adding plants, feature pendant lights, creating hobby and reading nooks, swapping handles, door knobs and light fittings and much more.

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