You may think that it is a bit early to be thinking about autumn, but the fashion and interior design industry are always several steps ahead. Although summer has only just started, our eye is now firmly on the next season.

This autumn, there will be a shift towards fun and colour, with a nod towards retro themes and the 1970s….re-imagined of course! The understated muted neutral palette that forms the core of an elegant interior design will still be evident, but will be joined by a more vibrant and mixed bag of styles.

Here are four of our favourite trends and the takeaways from each style:


1.Nature inspired wellness

Wellness centric interior design is one of the strongest and fastest growing trends, as we strive to create a connection between nature and interior design. The use of organic shapes, materials, textures, aromas and colour contrived to create beautiful calm spaces. The forecasts ‘calm nature’ as being a link between wellness and wellbeing in interior design. The trend uses natural organic materials such as cotton, velvet and ceramics.

Read our blog “health and well-being: one of the hottest Marbella interior design trends” to find out about the science of ‘biophilic design’, which refers to the connection between design and nature.

  • Consider how the space will make you feel
  • Design a holistic healthy space taking into account all senses
  • Recommend the interior design with nature by using organic materials, water, plants, light

2.A blast from the past

Think retro, prints and lots of colour. Many people think the 1970s was the decade that taste forgot, but if you look at the shapes and patterns, they were quite funky and there is an exciting eclectic element that can be taken from this era to introduce a quirky sense of fun and frivolity. Mix geometric shapes and patterns, play around with prints and textiles.

  • Use variations of the 1970’s colour palette like yellows, orange, ochre, browns, avocado…
  • Go mad for greenery, add more plants
  • Incorporate elements featuring patterns and shapes in to your interior design


3.Bring back blue

We’re thrilled that blue will be making a big splash this autumn, particular cobalt blue, as seen on the Spring fashion runways earlier this year. This vibrant colour was particularly prevalent in fashion throughout the 1980s, and has made many appearances over the years.

Blues of all hues are perennially popular with interior designers, as it can sooth, calm or energize like cobalt and galactic blue. These majestic jewel colours are bold and really makes a statement, they can be used in any interior design style, from maximalism to modern minimalism. Imagine a sleek stylish minimalist white room with a rich pop of cobalt as an accent colour or instead consider a riot of colours textures with cobalt blue as the star of the show. If you prefer a more muted palette, there is an entire spectrum of blues to suit every mood.

  • Incorporate accents to introduce a pop of colour in to minimalist interior designs
  • Use on walls and ceilings to create a sophisticated luxurious feel
  • Mix with different blues and natural woods for a more subtle look and feel


4.Delicious honeycomb tones

According to Coloro and WGSN consumer insights honeycomb is a key colour trend for Autumn 2023. This colour is another crossover from the fashion and beauty worlds, think of expensive looking honey blonde hair and you’ll get the idea. Honey ranges from pale to golden and we can include the whole range of shades on the way. Honey is a warm colour that would be perfect as an accent, such as a cushion, cosy throw or home decorations. It is also very flexible and can be perfectly paired with many different colours, including pale pink, darker yellows and ochres, pale blues and orange hues. For greater contrast, try a dark deep moody red.

  • Add a touch of warmth to an interior design scheme with an accent of honey
  • Can be easily paired with different colours to create beautiful palettes
  • Add metallic finishes and gloss to add lustre


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