Luxury Retreat in Abu Dhabi, Architectural Design & Full Interior Design

When we were invited to present a project focusing on ‘Santorini style’, our first instinct was to board a plane and visit the island. And so we did! We met the Project Manager Graham Steven and the architects from E11 in the UAE for our preliminary brief .

We walked around Thira and Oía, drove to the highest point of the island, and visited the historic ruins at Akrotiri, absorbing the colours of the buildings, architectural details, and wandering through the streets and alleyways.

Upon our return to Spain and our design studio, we collaborated with the architects at E11 to create the resort in Abu Dhabi.

The first challenge was to design the building levels and develop the external architecture. Team E11 architects and project managers then incorporated inspirational landscaping around the buildings and beachfront to enhance the levels of interest between the buildings.

The interior architects and designers at Originals Interiors then initiated the process of crafting the interior spaces.

The bedrooms are light, fresh and uncluttered, yet luxurious in their simplicity.

Winding corridors and intriguing hallways guide you on a journey through the buildings, where textured walls with niche lighting add shadows and depth to the white rendered walls.

Dining rooms were designed to accommodate various events or themes, be it an intimate dinner or family luncheon, there is a location to suit every occasion.

Our entertainment spaces, including a nightclub, were inspired by the ancient story of Santorini . The prehistoric city of Akrotiri, it was a Bronze Age settlement that was destroyed in the 16th century by a volcanic eruption.

The colour palette for this space was derived from the ancient frescoes and natural pigments of that era, providing a warm tone in contrast to the blue and white of the daytime areas. We enjoyed crafting the ancient excavation pit at the entrance to this space and strived to stay faithful to the artifacts within.

Our decorations throughout are predominantly sourced from designs and collaborations with various individual and boutique companies.

The majority of the furniture and art is bespoke and specifically designed for the unique spaces within the property. We meticulously sourced each piece from European companies and artists to ensure the successful replication of our original inspirations. We trust that they bring as much joy to others as we experienced in completing this project.

The final result is a charming homage to the beautiful island of Santorini in Abu Dhabi… enjoy.

  • Design of external architecture, landscaping and the interior space
  • Luxurious yet simple design
  • Bespoke furniture and artwork made specifically for this project
  • Colour palette derived from ancient frescoes and natural pigments of the era