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Marbella La Cerquilla – Luxury home interior design

One of the most dramatic home interior design ideas that we have created in Marbella. The client required a modern interior design in keeping with the surroundings, including an indoor pool, TV area, bar, Spa, gym and massage room. The first challenge was for the team was to present our interior design idea as CGI 3D renders.

We designed and delivered an opulent interior design scheme using a combination of rich jewel colours, tactile fabrics such as leather and velvet and wallpaper featuring a sophisticated metallic design. A range of lighting technique were used to create the right ambiance in each area, for example recessed ceiling lights, LED stars and illumination in the swimming pool.

  • Basement interior design and development

  • 3D renders / CGI

  • Gym, Spa, swimming pool, bar, TV room and massage

  • Sophisticated lighting solutions