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Marbella Villa 436 – CGI online interior design

This was an exciting decoration project that required our interior design concept to be planned, designed and presented solely using CGI technology. All elements were shown to the client in 3D as detailed renders, so they could understand our vision and see the scale, colour, shape of all elements within the layout.

A palette of white and cream to further enhance the feeling of light and space, with different shades and textures used on the marble floors, white sofas and a cream dining room to add interest and warmth. Touches such as oversized chandeliers, gold features and a bespoke dressing room to provide a glamorous boutique hotel feel. The use of floor to ceiling windows allows light to flood through the enormous open-plan living room.

In the bar, richer colours, soft lighting, rich velvet stools and plush sofas create an intimate and cozy environment. Outside the soft palette is perfect for the coastal location and glass railing ensures that the stunning panorama is uninterrupted.

  • Designed and approved based on CGI 3D renders

  • Full refurbishment

  • Contemporary interior design